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2013 / PR / Campaign / Print / Digital / TV

CDU Deutschland

2013 campaign

Talking billboard included: in the first federal election where the Internet and social media played a key role, Blumberry realised an innovative cross-media campaign for CDU Deutschland.

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2016 / PR / Print / Video / Digital


Pro-TTIP campaign

A shipping container on Pariser Platz in Berlin: this was the attention-grabbing highlight of Blumberry’s cross-media campaign for the Initiative for Social Market Economy. Our message: voting “no” to TTIP is endangering our prosperity.

2016 / PR


Germany–China study 2016

How do the Germans view China and vice versa? The study by Huawei surveyed civil society and policymakers in both countries to gain well-founded insights.

2016 / PR / Event


Beyond Horizon

“Making art together”: Blumberry developed the concept for a one-of-a-kind live event called Beyond Horizon as the closing highlight of Huawei’s German–Chinese art project.

2016 / PR / Video


Pension-choir against injustice

Not to be overheard: a men’s choir as the “voice against pension giveaways” in the government district. The viral video spread the message like wildfire online – do not support policy that burdens the young!

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2015 / PR


The Poultry Charter

With support from Blumberry, the German Poultry Association developed the German food industry’s first-ever comprehensive voluntary commitment. The impressive result was over 800 reports in the media, on TV, the radio and online.

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2017 / Digital / Content

TUI Group

travel.me portal

The whole world at a glance: created and curated by Blumberry, TUI’s award-winning content hub travel.me offers access to the some 600 social-media channels of the 300 TUI Group brands in one place.

2012 / PR / Campaign / Print / Digital / TV

Robert Bosch Stiftung | Stiftung Mercator

“I choose Europe” campaign

Commitment to the European Idea: Blumberry ran a cross-media campaign featuring prominent figures and everyday citizens speaking out in favour of Europe. With great success for the 11 commissioning foundations.

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2012 / PR / Campaign / Print / Digital / Event

Handelsverband Deutschland

PR campaign “Trade – everything your life needs”

Who is it that makes sure we have everything we need? With the German Trade Association initiative, we gave this key industry a face – and made it possible for all association members to speak with one voice for the first time.

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2018 / Campaign / Print / Digital

Deutscher Lotto- und Totoblock

Continuation of “Every number has a story” campaign

Lotto all year: we continued our 2016 campaign with new lucky number motifs to give Lotto an emotionally captivating and likeable staging.

2018 / PR / Video / Print / Digital

German Red Cross

Communication on topic of forecast-based financing

Act before catastrophe strikes: together with the German Red Cross, we developed a strategy for communicating target-group-specific messages – and realised it as a film, brochure and microsite, all available in several languages.

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2016 / PR / Event / Print / Digital


Independent experts

Without them you would be lost: that is what our cross-media campaign made clear. Very successfully, too, which is why our ads and corresponding online tool won two awards as well.



Attention-grabbing and effective: as part of our strategic campaign advisory work for the Initiative for Social Market Economy, we regularly realise ad motifs and continually generate broad media resonance.

2016 / Campaign / Print / Digital

Deutscher Toto- und Lottoblock

“Every number has a story” campaign

What’s yours? For Lotto, we realised a PR campaign on the topic of lucky numbers, each with a very personal story attached to generate plenty of awareness for a challenging topic.

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2016 / Campaign / Print / Digital

Forum Moderne Landwirtschaft

Campaign “Our shared knowledge. The modern agricultural industry.”

Forward-looking and cutting-edge: in a large-scale poster campaign, we introduced the FML and promoted a contemporary image of the German agricultural industry.

2018 / Campaign / Print / Digital / Event


2017 campaign

From starred chef to snack stand owner: in the testimonial campaign for the German Poultry Association, we communicated the high quality of poultry produced in Germany by letting people hear from those who know it best.